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This is a short 2-hour course comprising of 4 x 30-minute sessions. At the end of each session there is learning consolidation through a plenary, including a questions and answer session Target Participants? Who is it for? Farmers, irrespective of the level of formal education and literacy, Farmer Trainers, Farmer Union Employees, Farmer union leaders, cooperative members, Extension workers, Agriculture Project workers Participants will learn about: • Climate change and its causes • Climate change impacts on agriculture, food security and food systems • The concept of climate change adaptation and mitigation and the related strategies that could be put in place in agriculture • The CSA approach and the 5-step process to implement it Course structure The course consists of 4 lessons, ranging from approximately 15 to 25 minutes duration each. The 4 lessons can be presented in a 2.5-hour training, with lessons 1 and 2 presented back-to-back, a 30-minute break after which lessons 3 and 4 are presented. • Lesson 1 – Climate change and global warming • Lesson 2 – Impacts of climate change on agriculture and food security • Lesson 3 – Basics of adaption and mitigation in the agricultural sectors • Lesson 4 – Climate-smart agriculture Training Requirements This training can be delivered in multi-environments, including outdoors. Resources Participants will receive laminated handouts which can be used as teaching materials. Cost We modify our costs based on project need

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