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Training 102

  • 4Days
  • 5Steps


This is a four-day training course on climate-smart agriculture that would take the learner from the basics of climate science to the impacts of climate change and the linkages among climate, agriculture and food security. It contains four modules, each addressing a particular aspect and consisting of several sessions that are held either in plenary, as one group, or in smaller work groups The content and structure of the course has been developed and tested FAO through fieldwork involving extension agents and agricultural producers in Zambia, Malawi and Viet Nam. It includes a 109 -page Handbook with 27 exercises for participants. Target Participants Farmers, irrespective of the level of formal education and literacy, Farmer Trainers, Farmer Union Employees, Farmer union leaders, cooperative members, Extension workers, Agriculture Project workers Course Structure Module A: Understanding climate change Helps you understand what climate change is, what causes it, what the effects are, and what you can do about it. Session A1. What is climate change? Session A2. Causes of climate change Module B: Climate change impacts on agriculture and food security Focuses on how climate change is likely to affect agriculture: its effects on different types of farms, on men and women, and on food security. Session B1. Climate change and agriculture Session B2. Climate change and food security Module C: Climate-smart agriculture etc

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