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CSOGI in Benin 

In the small west African French speaking country of Benin, CSOGI was launched this year. Our Country CEO, BNM, is a youth agribusiness entrepreneur. We use the term agripreneur to describe agriculture entrepreneurs. 

We have already set up a production plant in the north of Cotonou and are in the process of producing 500 litres of Life LaB, 500L of Life FH+ and 500 L of Life IGE+. Once the products are ready, samples will be going to the government Laboratory for chemical and biochemical analysis. Then both station and trials will begin in the 12 departments (regions) subdivided into 77 communes. Our field trials with farmers will include 3 carefully selected lead farmers in every commune in the country. 

The products are already being tested on maize by Dr Cyriaque Agboton of the International  Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Benin. 

Parfait is also assisting in setting up CSOGI in Ghana and his dynamic personality well suited for the job. 


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